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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 24, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a deadly crime spree the ren we can't release the man hunt is over for the second suspect in a deadly crime spree, the reason we can't release his name or show you what he looks like. thinking small for your holiday shopping? why your neighborhood small businesses probably need a lot more love than just one day a year. we remember larry hagman who dominated the air waives on "dallas." his unusual request for his remains and what it has to do with a marijuana cake. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. friends and family say good-bye to a former football star who police say was murdered by two men on a violent crime spree?
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san jose. as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec tells us it comes on the same day the officers get a big break in the case. >> you would never want to see someone that young lose his life at a young age by those means. >> reporter: 22-year-old rory park-pettiford was remembered at a memorial service in campbell. >> rory was a great kid. always jovial and happy. you know practical joker. >> reporter: but many friends couldn't speak of him without breaking down because they can't help but remember how he was killed. during a robbery attempt one week and one day ago. this is a surveillance photo of two robbers whom police say tried to carjack pet pet ford in his car outside a 7/11 store then shot him when he tried the drive away. that's after a violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour on friday, november 16th. this is how it ended for one
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suspect. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks captured after running into a family's home later that night. the second and final suspect a teenager was caught last night after a week on the run. >> we're just happy that he's in custody now and again, the community can rest at ease knowing that he's behind bars. >> reporter: this is the sketch police used to help track him down. they're not releasing his name because he's only 15. he had been hiding in a home in concord. >> i hope he gets tried as an adult. because what he did was an adult crime. >> reporter: in addition to murdering park-pettiford, police say the man opened fire on an office while he sat in his patrol car. the stick marks the path of the bullets. and you can see on the officer's belts how a bullet punctured the pepper spray cannister. the two suspects are facing charges including murder, assault and robbery. wilbanks was arraigned last week. >> i'm glad the guy gets to rot
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for the rest of his life. he didn't deserve it. >> reporter: in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> second sister has died following a horrific crash with a cph cruiser in palo alto. a father was driving his wife and four daughters in their suv early yesterday morning when he slammed into the back of the cruiser parked on the right side of the highway 101. it's not known what caused the suv to hit the cruiser. the two sisters who died were thrown from the vehicle. the san bruno family had just spent the night doing black friday shopping. a huge party gets out of hand and two police officers are injured trying to restore order. police responded to reports of shots fired on pat avenue in san jose just before 11:00 last night. officers say when they arrived people started throwing bottles at thome and hit one of the officers. the man tried the drag the officer -- to drag the officer into the backyard but the officer got away. >> officers continued to get bottles thrown and objects --
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second officer was injured trying to take suspects into custody. >> it took several hours and about 60 officers to break up the brawl. 42 people were arrested on charges. thanksgiving day shopping took a bite out of black friday this year. and that's according to a new survey. retail tech company shopper track found consumer spent $11.2 billion at stores across the u.s. yesterday. and that's down nearly 2% from last year. but foot traffic increased 3.5%. and that indicates some shoppers did more browsing than shopping. and while it was all about the big box stores and their sales yesterday, today the focus was on mom and pop shops across the country. cbs 5 reporter don knapp has more on the big small business saturday. don? >> reporter: ann, if things went as well this year for the small businesses as they did last year. at least for a big portion of them, this was their most profitable day of the year and
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of course that's the idea behind small business saturday. between black friday which the year got a head start with thanksgiving thursday sales and before cyber monday, comes still another campaign to get customers into stores. small business saturday. why? >> it means a lot because these days we get lost in the shuffle to some degree especially with the online presence and so on. >> reporter: peter barren in walnut creek says there are other good reasons to shop at a small business. >> so people will come into a small store. usually operated by the owner or people very close to the business. and so we'll handle each customer as if it's only our only customer. >> reporter: last year about 100 million shoppers turned out for small business saturday. the shopper sonya says just being small makes it a better experience for her to shop. >> i went to sun valley mall. really crazy super long lines. and lots of stressed out people. and merchandise all over. so it's much nicer and relaxed
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today. >> reporter: mayor quan encouraged oaklanders to buy locally saying $100 spent in oakland leaves $68 in the community. while $100 spent at a national chain recirculated only about $43 locally. advice seconded by the clothier barren who says the economy has been tough on small businesses. >> so anything we can do to help us out, bring attention to our cause, if you will, is that much better. >> reporter: the next big marketing day is cyber monday and adobe marketing says that day alone should bring in $2 billion. reporting live, don knapp, cbs 5. hamas deployed more police to the gaza border with israel. the rare move by the group in control of the gaza strip followed intervention by egyptian mediators. they urged both sides to preserve the truce that ended eight days of fierce exchange of fire between israel and hamas. the extra police presence is intended to keep gaza residents
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away from the fence that is secured by israeli soldiers. protestors are once again gathering tahrir square in cairo. people are angry about president mohammed morsi giving himself nearly absolute power. as cbs 5 reporter ines ferre tells us -- >> reporter: demonstrators ran from egyptian police who launched tear gas cannisters into the crowd. it's the second day of protests over president morsi's decree giving him sweeping new powers which exempt him from judicial oversight. there were clashes outside the high court in cairo. and inside, at least 150 judges, lawyers and prosecutors demanded morsi withdraw his declaration. morsi's power grab came one day after winning international praise for helping broker a cease fire between israel and
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hamas. >> the timing of it. the day after he gets all this international applause would suggest that he was using the cover of the international approval to do something that he knew under other circumstances would have registered stronger criticism. >> reporter: morsi said the move is temporary while his country is in political transition but some aren't so sure. >> he swore to protect the low constitution. >> reporter: prominent democracy advocate warned the country cannot move forward under these circumstances. >> we are not going to get into a dialogue. i mean you know unless it is seen that the -- rescinds the declaration. >> reporter: protestors are gathering in the square the scene of last year's uprising that ultimately deposed former president hosni mubarak. opponents accuse morsi of behaving like a pharaoh. fearing they may have ousted one dictator and replaced him
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with another. ines ferre, cbs news. a paralyzed dog is able to walk again all thanks to a revolutionary new procedure. how cells taken from the dog's nose played a major role in his recovery. >> i'm convinced he would have died if i had waited. >> saving a life can be as easy as using your iphone. >> a very pleasant sunshine filled thanksgiving weekend holiday so far. but we do have some pretty big changes straight ahead. we could be ending november very wet. look at your seven day forecast is coming up next.
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dog a new "leash" on life. s from the dog's nose were
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a revolutionary procedure is giving a paralyzed dog a new "leash" on life. cells from the nose were injected into the spinal cord. it may not have direct human implications reporter max foster says it may be a step in the right direction. >> reporter: this was just the injury in 2008. he couldn't move his hind legs. but thanks to a pioneering treatment, jasper went from being paralyzed to walking with the aid of a harness. and then finally, running by himself. scientists at the university of cambridge took the cells from jasper's nose and then injected them into the damaged spinal cord. the professor nicholas jeffrey designed the study. >> the cells that we use when they're in the nose, they usually help nerve fibers to grow from the nose into the brain. that is their normal function in the nose. so the idea is that when you transplant them into the spinal cord or anywhere else in the
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nervous system, then they might also help new nerve fibers to grow from one place to another. >> reporter: and it's not just jasper who's whizzing around the house again. the scientists say some of the other dogs in the study regained limited use of their hind legs. but the researchers acknowledge the procedure alone won't likely have any useful benefits for human spinal cord injury patients. >> i don't think there's ever going to be a quick fix for spinal cord injuries. >> reporter: he believes it's a small step in the right direction. max foster, london. more medical news when a medical emergency strikes, every second counts. and that's where a new iphone app can make the difference between life and death. cbs reporter wyatt andrews shows us how i triage can save lives. >> i'm convinced he would have died if i had waited. >> reporter: melissa says an app on the iphone helped to save her husband's life.
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in april bob with no sense of alarm said his right arm felt numb. melissa typed bob's symptoms into the app called i triage. >> numbness popped up. and at the very top of the list is stroke. >> reporter: the app not only warned of a possible stroke, it advised going straight to the emergency room and then gave directions to the closest one. bob was having a stroke and doctors stopped it before he suffered major brain damage. >> have you thought about what might have happened if you didn't move? >> i would have gone fine take a nap and i'll check on you in a few hours and he would very well be dead. >> reporter: it was the brain child of private app developers but the inner workings rely on data from the united states government. it has a list of doctors and clinics compiled by medicare and other federal records and its directions to the hospital came from the taxpayer financed gps satellite system. this marriage of smart phones, public information, and private ingenuity has helped drive an
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exploding app economy that's grown in value from 0 to $20 billion in just four years. the man responsible for giving away what the government knows is the u.s. chief technology officer todd park. >> there is a massively growing array of new services, products, and applications that can help americans take control of their own health and health care. >> you don't need a masters' degree to be able to use a app. >> reporter: to melissa it became clear on the april afternoon with her husband's life in the balance, she had an app for that. wyatt andrews, irving, texas. >> hopefully been able to enjoy the beautiful weather with relatives in town. elizabeth says it's about to change. >> if you have any travel plans and we know people are hitting airports and roads and should be pretty good for tomorrow. we are staying dry. and hopefully you enjoyed some of the sunshine out the door right now we are seeing a few clouds some fog.
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rolling in overnight. looks like the embarcadero in? san francisco kind of getting into the holiday spirit. a lot of 40s and low 50s. 54 right now in oakland and 47 in livermore and 47 degrees in santa rosa. so yeah overnight a little bit of fog especially along the coasts. already rolling in. and a few more clouds after midnight. temperatures should be mainly in the 40s so very low 50s. but tomorrow we're going to warm things up and it should be maybe a few degrees cooler than what we saw today but a pretty similar story kind of a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures mainly in the low to upper 60s. pushing close to that 70-degree mark. satellite and radar shows what's going on. high pressure is the name of the game for the next several days. so yeah, we're going to stay dry. until about tuesday and that's when things change. we're kind of timing it out here with futurecast. so again, sunday, monday, tuesday, is going to be that transitional day when the clouds start to roll in. then by tuesday evening into
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the wednesday morning commute, that's when we're going to get a good dumping of rain. it could be some moderate rain in some ports of the bay area. otherwise 49 degrees overnight tonight. and 46 degrees in concord. so you can see a lot of 40s low 50s in san francisco. and once again tomorrow's highs mainly going to see a spread of 60s. 69 in santa rosa and 68 oakland and 66-degree down in fremont. want to give you a little bit of a travel forecast if you're hitting sfo tomorrow. partly cloudy light winds, high about 63-degrees. around the country remaining dry for the most part. houston kind of warm there 79 degrees. chicago, and new york city going to stay cool but dry with temperatures in the 40s. pinpoint forecast around northern california once again hitting the roads tomorrow, sacramento central valley could see the areas of fog. in parts of fresno. here's the forecast. over the next several days, so it looks like sunday, monday and tuesday pretty much holding steady. temperatures are mainly going to be in the 60s and then
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tuesday night into wednesday morning, that's when we could see rain anywhere from a halfen an inch up to 2-inches is possible. thursday looks like we get a brief but dry break. and then the rain returns for friday and saturday and it looks like that storm system could be even more significant. it's going to be a very wet end to november. >> all right. thank you much. appreciate it. well, the producers of the dallas tv series revival will give jr ewing a proper sendoff. larry hagman died of cancer yesterday. he had filmed several episodes of season two. today fans left flowers at the star on the hollywood walk of fame. he flew a flag over his malibu home with the motto life is a celebration. cbs reporter manual be a hour quiz. >> reporter: it was one of the most famous moments in television history. the world asked who shot jr? now the world mourns the actor
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who played jr in the hit cbs show "dallas." fans played flowers on the hollywood star after learning the actor died friday at the age of 81. >> come on out. >> reporter: hagman rose to fame as good natured astronaut major nelson in the '60s tv show "i dream of jeannie." he came from a show business family. his mother was mary martin most famous for her role as peter pan. >> i use ewing oil money to support you. >> reporter: hagman was candid about his personal life acknowledging years of heavy drinking that so damaged his liver he eventually needed is transplant. >> now i don't expect you to make those kind of decisions for me. >> reporter: after many years of smoking hagman quit and became an antismoking advocate. recently he acknowledged his wife of nearly six decades has alzheimer's disease and he was battling throat cancer.
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>> you are still the prettiest girl at the bar. >> reporter: but the spirit never faultered. this year "dallas" was revived as a new series on tnt. and an appearance on "cbs this morning" in june of this year hagman told jeff glor what he thought about returning to television as the villain la everyone loved to hate. >> what did outlie when they first came to you? -- you think when they first came to you. >> yahoo. >> "dallas" ran on cbs from 1978 to 1991. >> your wife got in plenty of trouble before you all got married. i don't understand why you think she'd change. >> hey! >> wait a minute! >> reporter: his role as jr ewing the slippery oil man made him a cultural icon. and a symbol of 1980s american excess. hagman said he loved playing jr because he could get away with anything. but acknowledged he couldn't get away with cancer. hagman moved back to dallas for the show's revival and died on
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friday in the city that was synonymous with his success. larry hagman is survived by his wife of 59 years. two children, and five grandchildren. he also leaves behind the friends he met here at south fork ranch the home of his "dallas" character jr ewing. some of the cast members were at his side when he passed away. cbs news, parker, texas. well, hagman told the "new york times" he wanted his remains to be quote spread over a field and have marijuana and wheat planted and harvested in a couple of years and then have a big marijuana cake enough for 200 to 300 people. people would eat a little of larry. larry hagman on his ashes in his own words. well, it is the most recognizable new dance craze around and for good reason. ♪ the milestone for "gangnam style" that blows justin bieber's biggest hit out of the
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water. ♪
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carols and santa kicked offe
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holidays at the fairmont hol in san francisco. but the carols and santa kicked off holidays at the fairmont hotel in san francisco but the star of the show was the massive gingerbread house. this feat of engineering a culinary skills is 22 feet high, 23 feet wide, and it's made of 7800 blocks of gingerbread. 1,000 pounds of icing and 650 pounds of candy. you can see it at the fairmont lobby through january 1st. and another holiday tradition the boy scout christmas tree lot in piedmont. the annual fundraiser has been operating for almost 350 year and proceeds -- 50 years and proceeds are used to support scouting problems. it's at coach's field in piedmont seven days a week through december 22nd. well, the most popular dance since the macarena has a new title tonight. ♪ the music video "gangnam
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style" by south korean rap star psy is the now the most watched video ever on youtube. amazingly it beat out this previous record holder. ♪ baby, baby, baby of course justin bieber's baby reached 803 million views but it took the canadian pop star two accomplish that feat. and we'll be right back.
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beaten three ranked teams te weeks in a row.... until tian start the in stanford football history, no team had ever beaten three ranked teams three weeks in a row. until today. christian, start the clock. stanford up 21-7 in the third
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on ucla. taylor from one yard out. 142 yards and two scores for taylor. 36 shy of the all time stanford rushing record. then he pops the ball loose and he picks up the loose ball there and runs it in for another stanford touchdown. the cardinal win 35-17 and will face ucla again next friday for the pac 12 title. notre dame looking to punch their ticket to the bcs championship. first quarter reddick nine yard touchdown run, 146 yards for reddick. notre dame wins it 22-13. the fighting irish are going to the national championship game. hunk of the year. harrison barnes posterrizing petro vick. wow, they outscored minnesota 26-11 in the fourth, steph curry with the great setup for barnes again.
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warriors win it 96-85 and down in san jose, wow, 38-37 right now against louisiana tech. they are looking the spartans for their tenth win of the year can hopefully hang on and the game is now going into the fourth quarter. >> they've been on fire. raiders on the road tomorrow. >> raiders are in cincinnati. that game on the sister station at 10:00 in the morning and see carson palmer return home to play the game he needs to play for. >> more sports at 11:00 on cbs 5. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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